Ibn Nafil: Our competitors contracted to reach us


Riyadh – Abdullah Al-Hanayan

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Fahd bin Nafal, president of Al Hilal, revealed that the management of his club will not enter the transfer market just for the sake of contracting, but rather with a full focus on what the team needs, according to the vision of his technical staff.
“We are the champions of Asia and the League, eight points difference from our closest competitors, the existing group of players is very special, and we will only add what the team needs,” Ibn Nafel said in his private interview with Al Riyadiah.
Regarding the contracts of the competing clubs, he commented: “They are working to reach what Hilal has reached. Our team is at the top, and they are keen to keep it there.”
On the chances of his team in the competition for the new AFC Champions League title, he said: “We will enter the tournament, while we are its former champions, we will work to repeat the achievement as little as possible for our dear country.”
Bin Nafel congratulated his club fans about achieving the league, hoping that the current circumstances would disappear and he would return to see them in the stands.


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