I met him, Banna … Hala Sedky, commenting on her picture with Mustafa Hajjaj in the sea


She met Actress Hala SedkyA coincidence with the singer Mustafa Hajjaj, in the middle of the sea in Alexandria, where she published through her Instagram account, a picture in the water with Hajjaj, accompanied by a comment: “Every day I have to go out, train and float, and it is possible to meet fish, but this time I met Mustafa Hajjaj, and I met him, he was prevented. Prevented. “

In another video, published on her Instagram account as well, Hala Sedky promoted the Governorate of Alexandria, where she appeared on one of the buildings’ balconies overlooking the Alexandria Sea, saying: “Alexandria Maria and her soil with saffron, the most beautiful place in the world, Alexandria.”

On the other hand, the artist, Hala Sidqi, is facing a crisis with her husband over the issue of proving paternity, recently, as she confirmed earlier, that she will not stop defending the reputation of her children regardless of the results after the statements made by her husband, lawyer Sameh Sami, who doubted that Hala Sedky is not the mother of his children and she used fertilized eggs from another mother.


She added that her husband contacted many of her friends to reconcile with her, but she refused, saying: “He spoke to many people to reconcile after this statement, and he told them that he is ready to come back from America in particular, to sit with me for five minutes, but during them the matter will end, because he thinks that I’m collapsing when I sit with him and this will not happen. “.


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