I dreamed of Beirut exploding before it happened … and the next 3 months will be bad for Lebanon


Actress Reem Al-Sharif confirmed that she would have wished to have a chance to meet singer Fairouz, similar to that obtained by French President Emmanuel Macron, who had the opportunity to visit her at her home and have dinner at her table.

Reem Al-Sharif denounced what is being released from time to time about the death of Mrs. Fairouz, wishing her continued health and wellness.

On the other hand, the Lebanese singer Reem Al-Sharif completed a few days ago recording and filming her new song, titled “Nationalist, Stop Ya Beirut,” which is a special dedication to Beirut and the Lebanese people after the painful explosion that destroyed a large part of the city and turned it into a disaster.

The song is a cry of support and love for the capital that does not die and a dose of hope to rise from the calamity and return the city to its former glory.

This work, which is produced by Lifestyle Studio, was directed by Fadi Haddad, relying on the most important scenes and visual effects to match the song, far removed from the scenes of destruction and pain that the capital Beirut is experiencing.

Reem Al-Sharif collaborated in this work with designer Mikhail Shamoun in terms of looks, and with choreographer Hady Awada in the dancing painting, and this work is expected to see the light in a period not exceeding 10 days.

It should be noted that Reem Al-Sharif had previously released the song “Forgive us, Lord,” which was written and composed by Anwar Makkawi, distributed by Cesar Abdel Masih, and the clip was filmed with “Road and Roy”, during which she talks about humanity and the situation they live in Lebanon recently. It was an awakening to wake up from what they were in.

The attached video shows the interview that “Fuchia” conducted with the Lebanese artist Reem Al-Sharif, when she touched on the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Fairouz, revealing her close acquaintance with the various predictions made by astronomers and astrologers, referring to her feeling she felt the day before the explosion of Beirut Port .


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