I chose the most beautiful man in the Gulf, Sheikh from Bani Hajer (video)


The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of the artist Ahlam and her husband, Mubarak Al-Hajri, in a reciprocal spinning link, amid wide reactions from followers.

The Emirati artist published a video clip through her account on Snapchat, in which she said to her husband: “That is why I chose the most beautiful man in the Gulf, a sheikh from Bani Hajar’s sheikhs,” commenting on her husband’s description of her as number one in singing, jewelry tastes, and everything, according to Recipe.

And her husband said to her, during the video clip: “God bless you, Umm Fahd, and prolong your life, dear,” Ahlam replied, saying: “And let us give you a love of this face and beauty.”

Mubarak said: “Counsel us, by God, oh mother. Ahead, to respond. Say, God willing, the shape is only from land, or from air cholesterol.” To respond to dreams: “The name of God is on you and on your soul. God willing, cholesterol will bring me and leave you.”

Ahlam sang to her husband a clip of the song “Oh my love and I wait for you,” saying to him: “This is your favorite song I swear?”, To which her husband answered, saying: “What by God.”

The video clip impressed the pioneers of social networking sites and shared it greatly, praising the ideal relationship of the couple, as they put it.

And the comments said: “Despite all the lies of the media, I don’t feel that they are true. God willing, my Lord will perpetuate love.” One of the tweets commented: “Analyze them once they are mad, not sure for some length of time I see the clip, and I am smiling emotionally dry.”

Another said: “If my future husband treats me like this, it is impossible to publish or even talk about it with subjects, you will look quickly.”

The artist Ahlam Al Shamsi had sent a romantic message a few days ago to her husband on Twitter, on the occasion of his fifty-seventh birthday.

Ahlam tweeted a comment on Al-Hajri’s picture: “Every year, you are the light of my eyes and the light of my world, and thank God that my Lord has blessed me with a husband, a lover, a friend, a brother, a father, and everything is sweet.” And she added, “You are the one who is your age, I did not feel my mind with his word, and you were kind to me and honored me, and you see my face angry or satisfied.”

It is noteworthy that Ahlam performed on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, a concert on the occasion of the Saudi National Day in Saudi Arabia, and announced at the time that the mass attendance had been canceled in compliance with the preventive measures imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus.


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