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The love of the homeland permeates the souls, and under his banner the Emirati and the Saudis unite together, and they have used to raise the slogan of “Together Never”, in celebration of the depth of the relationship between the two countries, as the 90th Saudi National Day appears, carrying with it bouquets of joy and love, the Emirati and Saudi have mastered their language, This is the occasion to unite them together in one row, wearing the colors of the Emirati and Saudi flags, and at this wedding, the stars of the Emirates are used to exchanging love for Saudi Arabia.

“Our joy is the joy of one nation .. We will sail together, God willing, with all love and longing, to celebrate and sing proudly”, a tweet launched by Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi on his Twitter account, expressing his joy near the arrival of the 90th Saudi National Day. To “the land of the Two Holy Mosques”, and landing on board the “National Day Cruise”, to perform on the 20th of this month a lively party, befitting the fans of the “mountain” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during which he announced, in “broad lines”, his readiness to hold an exceptional party, in which joy is spread, And beats love for the homeland.

ticket reservation

A rich package, which seems to go beyond the limits of Hussein Al Jasmi’s party, is offered by “Red Sea Script” to all those who took the initiative to reserve their tickets on board the giant ship, which will take everyone on a trip from the White Head Beach, providing a glimpse of the kingdom’s tourist wealth. This is not the first time that Al-Jasmi participated in the Saudi National Day celebrations. He was one of the most prominent stars who participated in the celebrations of last year, which raised the slogan “Himma until the summit”, and before him, Al-Jasmi released a song titled “Your love, my homeland”, and dedicated it to The Kingdom in the 88th National Day celebrations.

The agenda of the “National Day Cruise” seems to be full of activities, and will not be limited to Hussein Al Jasmi’s concert. According to what the cruise administration announced, the crowd will be on the 17th of this month, on a date with the artist Majid Al Mohandes, to take them on a journey cruising them in the worlds of romance, and present They have colors of Iraqi and Gulf rituals, and the cruise administration had described, through its tweet, the ceremony, as an “opportunity” to celebrate the National Day, at the sound of the engineer’s voice, who would fly among the picturesque views, in which the blue of the water mixed with the white of the natural sands of Al Ras Beach the White.

A video clip, showing the sterilization operations taking place inside the National Day cruise, published by the Saudi artist, Fayez Al-Maliki, yesterday, on his Twitter account, thanking them for their keenness on the safety of all cruise passengers, expressing his happiness to be one of the passengers on the second cruise flight, expressing Expressed his pride in what Saudi youth are doing, and their preparations for the celebration of the Saudi National Day.



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