Huawei unveils the MateBook X with WiFi 6 technology and a starting price of $ 1900


Huawei unveiled today its new MateBook X laptop, which comes as the company’s first release with WiFi 6 technology, which is available in October with a starting price of $ 1900.

The new version of the MateBook X launches today with an ultra-thin design, the size of a 13-inch screen, which the company aims to support the user with the feature of fast navigation, and the device weighs only 1 kg.

The MateBook X also includes two USB-C ports, with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and Huawei offers the device with a USB-C unit that includes a USB-A port, a VGA, and also an HDMI port.

The device also features a LTPS screen with touch feature and 3K resolution with a display density of 278 pixels per inch, and 400 nit brightness, which supports 100% color coverage of sRGB colors.

The MateBook X also features an edge-to-edge keyboard with a large size of the keys, a transition distance of 1.3 mm, and supports the main operation button used in the fingerprint sensor feature as well, and the camera is closed inside the keyboard, but it does not come with ideal shooting angles from the short distance.

The keyboard also includes NFC technology in the trackpad, which will support fast device pairing with Huawei phones by one click, and the device is also available with an Intel Core i5-10210U processor chip, or Core i7-10510U with a manufacturing accuracy of 14 nm, and is expected to result in a lack of The device for cooling fans due to the high temperature of the device and the slow performance with intense work, however, Huawei emphasized on modifying the thermal conductors process to compensate for the absence of fans in this design.

Also, Huawei indicated that the MateBook X supports the user with a charging life of up to 9 hours of video playback, through a battery capacity of 42Wh, and the charging life is reduced to 7.5 hours with browsing.

The loudspeakers on the MateBook X were developed in cooperation with Dolby to support a good audio experience, as the device’s quadruple speakers will not vibrate, or produce noise at high volume, but the amplifiers will provide a distinctive multi-directional sound experience in rooms, as well as two The magnifiers are hidden to the bottom of the shift key in the keyboard, which is a distinctive design in this version.

The MateBook X is scheduled to be available with two color options, silver and green, with the premium version starting with the i7 chip and 16GB RAM with 512GB storage capacity in the SSD at a price of $ 2137, and the second model also comes with a Core i5 chip and random memory 16 GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 512 GB in the SSD at a price of $ 1900, to be available in the global markets in October.



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