Huawei launches the first phone running the Harmony operating system



Al Ain News
China’s Huawei is seeking to break the US dominance of mobile operating systems, and the Chinese tech giant announced Monday that it intends to launch the second version of its HarmonyOS mobile operating system within nine months.

Huawei is also planning, during its annual developer conference, scheduled for September 10, to launch the first phone running HarmonyOS early next year.

According to the technical website aitn, the first HarmonyOS smartwatch is also expected to appear before the end of this year.

The US Commerce Department has placed Huawei on a commercial blacklist that prevents it from doing business with US companies unless those companies obtain government permission.

This means that Huawei is unable to work with Google, the owner of the Android platform that runs the majority of smartphones around the world, and the loss of the ability to use Android from Google puts Huawei phones at a disadvantage in markets outside China.

Huawei is preparing its operating system called HarmonyOS, which the company unveiled in August 2019, and plans to make it more than just a smartphone operating system to replace the Android system.

The company previously described its operating system as a platform that powers multiple devices, including smart watches, IoT devices, TVs, and more.

A company official said last year: Harmony is not an alternative to the Android system, but rather it is the next generation of Android, and the company has so far unveiled TVs running HarmonyOS, including: Vision, Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro.

The Chinese company later indicated that it may take years before it can develop a real alternative to the Android system.

The official also said in August 2019: The company had no plans to develop a smartphone running the HarmonyOS operating system at the time, adding that this could change if the ban continues.


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