How has the Corona outbreak affected the younger generation psychologically?


New York: The psychological aspect is among the many side effects of Coronavirus outbreakAnd, perhaps, the least appreciated aspect. Those who went through a bad condition and then passed it, such as people who witnessed wars or accidents, may suffer from post-traumatic stressors for years.

The “Bloomberg” news agency stated that it is known that the “Covid-19” disease resulting from infection with the emerging corona virus, causes an increase in mental health disorders and the associated damage, as is any major disaster. This may result in alcohol or drug addiction, wife beating, and child abuse.

And the regional branch of the World Health Organization recently stated that in the Americas – the region most affected by the Corona virus in the world, which has hotspots for the spread of the virus, extending from the United States to Brazil – this psychological and social crisis has become its own epidemic.

In the United States, the rate of localized anxiety disorders tripled during the second quarter of the year, compared to the same period in 2019 (rising from 8.1 percent to 25.5 percent), and the rate of depression quadrupled (from 6.5 percent). To 24.3 percent).

In Britain, where the virus has spread ferociously and witnessed the imposition of lockdown measures that lasted for a long time, the rate of depression has nearly doubled, rising from 9.7 percent among adults before the outbreak of the epidemic, to 19.2 percent in June.

As with everything else associated with the virus, even the amount of suffering is not spread evenly. It also spoils the professional and work lives of some generations, especially millennials, more than others, according to Bloomberg.

It is a similar story to the widespread depression and anxiety that torture minorities disproportionately. Perhaps most surprisingly, young people also suffer from mental pain, in the US and UK, and presumably elsewhere as well.

It may seem strange at first glance, because younger adults, such as children, are less likely to suffer major health complications as a result of contracting “Covid 19”, but these young people become anxious for fear of their older relatives.

Older adults are probably more likely to have already built their lives before the outbreak, with their own routines in place, and their association with jobs and relationships to which they can return. The youth, on the other hand, did not.

Even in the good times, teens and young adults are not ideal role models for emotional stability. There are many of them unhappy with their physical appearance, or confused about their careers, sexual choices, and friendships.

But in 2020, all this anxiety has increased. Schools and universities have been closed and may be closed again this fall, or a new method is adopted for students to partially rotate attendance, with the use of masks and the maintenance of social distancing, along with a little fun, according to Bloomberg.

Summer camps have been canceled, as have many opportunities for training and job offers. As for musical performances and concerts, they were objected to or banned by many. For the first time in recent history, social life and job-searching networks have ceased.

Basically, the pandemic caused the cancellation of all plans and plans. Many young people were not able to take their year-end exams, without knowing whether or not they would apply for admission to universities or not, and when and where that would be, because it is not certain that universities will open their doors, or they may not be entitled to the tuition fees from the origin.

On the other hand, it is not certain whether the father and mother will be able to pay the tuition fees, as it depends on whether they will have an income again.

Whether they are young or old, individuals differ in their own ranking of what is called the “unknown intolerance scale”. The less a person is able to accept the state of doubt and uncertainty, the more likely he or she will enter into a cycle of anxiety about every possible scenario, according to Bloomberg.



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