How do we reduce the risk of heart disease?


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Vadim Popov, a specialist in cardiovascular medicine and surgery, declared that positive emotions can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Because one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease is psychological stress, Popov added, an optimistic attitude helps alleviate many problems.

He said, in an interview with the Russian Novosti news agency on the occasion of the World Heart Day that falls on September 29 of each year, “Certainly positive emotions are considered an important factor in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Because stress is one of the main factors that affect the development of these diseases.” Therefore, optimism is very important, and it helps to get rid of many problems, even in cases that seem hopeless. “

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“A good person, his heart hurts with others,” he added. This is, in fact, a mechanism to maintain his mental health, because it is more gentle and calmer, and less prone to psychological tension.

He said, “But there is no strict relationship, which confirms that the nice person does not get sick and the bad person gets infected. Because the nice person can get sick and remain nice, and the evil aggressor can not get sick and remain aggressive. This means that there are many factors that play an important role in This issue, however, is that a person’s spiritual state directly affects his physical state. ”

According to him, a person can act whatever it takes, if he does not violate the mechanisms of self-control. Because the heart has a self-renewal mechanism, as the heart cells regenerate regularly to maintain their functions, while aging mechanisms impede this.

Source: Novosti


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