Her presence is threatened in Ramadan … Ghada Abdel Razek is looking for …


Actress Ghada Abdel Razek faces the crisis of searching for a director for her new series, with which she will participate in the next Ramadan season.Three directors have apologized for the series so far, Ahmed Shafiq, Yasmine Kamal and Muhammad Salama, which threatens its existence next Ramadan 2021.

The crisis of the Ghada Abdel Razek series was repeated with Nelly Karim, who was preparing to start filming her new series, but the apologies of the directors, Hani Khalifa, Muhammad Jamal Al-Adl, Kamilah Abu Zikry, and Ahmed Nader Jalal, pushed her towards cinema.

Nelly has begun preparing for the launch of filming a new movie called “The Client Zero”, which will be starring Akram Hosni, which is produced and written by Wael Abdullah, and directed by Muhammad Sami.

According to producer Jamal Al-Adl’s statements to “Al-Nahar”, the series “B 100 Wesh” will turn into a movie, which indicates that Nelly Karim’s series has been postponed for some time or early in the Ramadan season, which could make Ghada Abdel Razek give up and not appear in Ramadan, but the possibilities for that are weak in light of the Egyptian star’s keenness to always be a guest of the audience during Ramadan.


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