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The most prominent of the headlines and secrets of the local newspapers published on Friday, September 4, 2020.


* Building:

– The President-designate begins the search for names and portfolios at the beginning of the week, after determining the size and framework of the government

Weighting the 24-minister government and preserving the spirit of the balance of the two previous governments

– Schenker to fill in the void Macron’s visit … and Suwan listens to ministers after Diab

* News:

– Schenker frustrates “civilians” and ignores public officials

Adib government: Not progressing yet

– Support raise the price of broiler!

– Al-Halbousi-Al-Khanjar Alliance: fortifying the “leadership” and flirting with Washington

Economic death pacts

Domestic Industry and Economic Crisis: The Missed Opportunity

* Home:

– A month after the “earthquake” Beirut: explosive surprises in the port, and “confusion” at the airport

– Aimee accompanies “composition”, and there is no French objection to installing “sovereign” ministries

– Washington is not adhering to early elections … and the Central Bank is preparing to “lift support.”

* Major General:

Sawan Diab: Why were you not instructed to eliminate the danger of the explosion of aluminum?

– Writing in the “room in contrast” … and an American objection to the French containment of Hezbollah

The Republic:

– Start composing with volumes, bags, and names later, and hope remains

Authorship: Adeeb on the lines of Baabda and Bayt Al-Wasat.


A month after August 4, which government is the size of the earthquake?


* Building

– Sources related to communications to form the new government expected not to engage in discussions of the type of rotation and other things that would delay the formation and preferred to preserve the structure of previous governments, so that the government came midway between the last two governments in size and shape.

– A European diplomatic source said that an upcoming visit of the Egyptian president to Paris will establish an Egyptian-French alliance against Turkey, provided that this alliance tries to fill the vacuum created by the American-Saudi absence from the political files in the region and with a green light from Washington and Riyadh.


– There is a decrease in the number of students in schools designated for the affluent more than in middle-class schools, due to the movement of many affluent families to the Gulf or to countries of their nationality.

– After the events of Khaldeh, a political leader tries to avoid any situations that may not appeal to some, given that he has water in his mouth regarding what happened in recent weeks of “tapping” by opponents and allies.

– It was noted that the statement issued by a prominent Gulf state about reducing its support and aid to a number of Arab and Asian countries, including Lebanon, carries indications that it is not comfortable with what happened recently.

* The Republic

– A spiritual authority received advice from a reliable security authority to take caution and caution in his movements and refrain from taking to the streets to inspect the afflicted in Beirut.

Follow-up sources have not ruled out changing the members of the IMF delegation in the negotiations with Lebanon to facilitate agreement on a new plan.

– circles concerned with the reconstruction of areas affected by the explosion have noted that some parties are helping selectively and working on the ground for electoral calculations.

* Major General

A major country almost does not show interest in the developments of the situation, but is watching to bite the fingers of the European – Turkish in the eastern Mediterranean?

– Lebanese parties read with a clear negative that a non-Lebanese meeting was held, at this time, in Beirut.

Social networking sites are filled with shocking videos about campaigns launched by activists against a ruling movement and its reference.

Source: Newspapers


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