Head of the Chilean rescue team from Mar Mikhael: The experts accompanying us discovered that someone was breathing from under the rubble


The head of the Chilean rescue team participating in the search for neighborhoods under the rubble in Mar Mikhael – Gemmayze announced during a press conference held at the search site, that “their decision to come to Lebanon with the aim of helping the people of Beirut after the disaster that befell them”, pointing out that “their specialty is to search On the living and the missing under the rubble, in the mines, and in the depths of water.

He pointed out that “the dog who was accompanying them smelled an odor as if someone was present under the rubble, so the dog’s step was the first step, then using the thermal camera to hear the heartbeat.” 3 meters under the rubble. This calls for opening 3 tunnels at a depth of 3 meters to reach this person’s location.

He pointed out that “those tunnels were opened,” and said, “Work is underway to reach the place where the pulse was discovered, and there is no indication of whether this person is alive or not. Out of respect for the families of the missing under the rubble, we prefer not to give any information until the end Entire mission. “

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