Happy as my “soulmate” and have dreamed of him since 2007


A great success achieved by the artist Hassan Al-Raddad by challenging the cinematic presentation in the current circumstances and by presenting his latest film, “My Spiritual Twin”, with actress Amina Khalil, Aisha bin Ahmed, the late star Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and director Othaman Abu Laban, in his first experience with Al-Raddad.

In his interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Al-Raddad talked about the film’s working conditions, how he met Othman Abu Laban and the story of the project that they intend to present for years, as well as the impact of Corona on filming and the conditions of the show. He also revealed his truth about his separation from his wife, actress Amy Samir Ghanem.

Good Raddad

* At the beginning, he told us about the beginning of the film project “My Spiritual Twin”, and how did you collaborate with director Othman Abu Laban?

** I was searching for a long time for a purely romantic act that renews and revives feelings and creates a state of happiness, and I searched a lot until I found a suitable idea, until I got to know director Othman Abu Laban, and we have been communicating already since 2007, and we were supposed to be together in more than He worked during the last period, but the cooperation did not take place for many reasons, the most important of which is that I am always associated with being in another work, and it is also linked to other projects, until the opportunity came through my “soul twinning”. The great Ahmed El Sobky, I agreed immediately, and as I said a while ago, I wanted to present a romantic work and found all the details and features that I wanted in this film with a very wonderful team.

Good Raddad Good Raddad

* Tell us about the scenes of work with director Othman Abu Laban?

** Othman Abu Laban is a very distinguished director with a sense and an artistic vision and a very special school, and therefore the scenes of working with him are enjoyable, rich and renewed and have a very great creativity, and the best thing that distinguishes him is that you feel absolute confidence with him because he is a director who is well versed with his tools and knows very well how to employ actors within the location.

* Honestly, did you impose your point of view as a star to work in the scenes of the movie in order to come out as you see and dream in your romantic work that you were hoping for?

** Of course, the realization of the dream of presenting a romantic movie that had many details and sessions until we came out with a result that satisfies everyone, and this is legitimate, but I have never interfered in imposing any views. I am an actor that I respect the director’s control and his vision on the work. This is the core of his role and not me, and the truth is that the topic It was done according to Othman’s directorial point of view, so that from time to time we would suggest some proposals to work, but he did not think that they were appropriate, so he rejected them, and he only agreed on what he saw fit for work only.

* The film brings together a joint tournament between the two actresses Aisha bin Ahmed and Amina Khalil, so how do you see cooperation with them?

** Amina and Aisha are two actresses who have a very high talent, presence, performance, and a very great feeling, and they were the best nomination for their roles, and it was true that it was wonderful and working with them was fun, and from the first day we had a special chemical and we took on the atmosphere quickly, and we were keen to get out work that restores romance to the cinema again, We put a lot of effort into all the scenes to make it look your best.

Hassan Al-Raddad and his wife Amy Samir Ghanem Hassan Al-Raddad and his wife Amy Samir Ghanem

* How were the difficulties of filming the work in light of the spread of the Corona virus?

** We were very lucky, thanks to God, as we finished filming the work before the Corona pandemic, and we only had one day left, and it had to be implemented and photographed in light of that crisis, and the real topic was frightening, especially since the pandemic at its beginning was a big and mysterious nightmare that cannot be dealt He did not understand how to confront him, but we were keen on the completion of the work and the safety of everyone, and we followed the preventive measures, sterilization and the use of disinfectants, and I hope that this crisis will pass quickly and return to our normal life.

* But Corona is still negatively affecting cinematic life, with the evidence that the film has been postponed more than once, and now it is shown by an audience of 25% only?

** I will not deny that Corona is still influencing the whole world in all respects, especially cinema that was harmed either in filming or in the show and reducing the audience percentage, but it was necessary to resist so that the cinema industry and art as a whole would not die, and I would not hide also that the film was shown in these The circumstances are worrying, but it makes me happy, as it encourages the producers to come back again and gradually and overcome the Corona virus, cinema is important to the public and it is an entertainment part for him, and despite the difficulty of achieving high revenues in these circumstances, but it is a very important step for the return of the soul to the film industry again.

Good Raddad Good Raddad

* Do the reactions you received on the movie “My Soulmate” find them promising and appropriate for the experience and effort?

** Praise be to God. People have received the film, the reactions and reception of the work are all positive, appropriate and promising, and I am very happy with the audience’s reaction. I feel the audience’s admiration for the work since its special presentation, and I have received a group of messages praising the work through social networking sites. I hope that the film will impress the rest of the spectators. .

* After the success of the movie “My Soulmate”, what about your plan during the coming period, especially in romantic cinema?

** I do not specify the quality of the next classification as much as I care about the quality of the topic in general, and currently I have a group of cinematic works for it, but I do not want to disclose its details, and I will of course announce in time and when the vision and the work team crystallize, but I always look for works that satisfy the audience I hope that I will always be up to their expectations and offer them what they enjoy.

* There are always rumors about your separation from your wife, the artist Amy Samir Ghanem, so what is the truth of those allegations?

** They are just malicious and trivial rumors and rumors, and it is true that I no longer care about these rumors, and when we investigate those who promote them, we always find them from fake accounts on social media, and these are trying to achieve fame on my account, I and Amy and to entrap us in fake disputes, and in general, I and Amy live Happy life and we don’t take these rumors into consideration.


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