Handsome Lebanese actor, hero of Asala’s new clip (video)


Actress Nicholas Mouawad posted a photo of him with actress Asala Nasri on “Instagram” and commented, “How sweet when life becomes this, I have let you down over and over again, but I have not been able to change you. You are real, transparent, generous, and you give, from the heart of your heart, God He gives you the beauty of your voice and your heart.

In this context, the “Nawaem” website reported from private sources that he was the star of Asala’s new clip, “By God, we separated.” Asala published her new song from her new album “Don’t Give Up” via “Instagram”, during which Mouawad appeared with a cursory glance.

And commented, saying: “Stay tuned for the clip of a song, by God, and we are separated from an album, Don’t Give Up.” And the song “By God and We Separated” from the words of Shumookh Al-Aqla, composed by Yasser Bu Ali, distributed by Tariq Madkour.


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