Hana Al Zahid is a dramatic heroine for a new work and the year-end show – Al-Binaa newspaper


I contracted star The young lady Here Ascetic On first championship Dramatic Divorced, د With a company «K MEDIA» Which Have it the product Kareem Abu Zukri With participation a company «Synergy»، ويتم Selection Noun Serial Form نهائيّ Through the days Few Coming, and he From Qualitative Business Dramatic 45 ring, It presents Out Race Dramatic Ramadan, Where Displays the work End The year Present.

وتدور idea Serial in a Framework social comic, وعبارة About 9 Stories Different, Each a story exposure in a 5 Episodes Connected, Write a story Team Action Different With Existence Here Ascetic in a all Stories Events Serial, والذي Combine elite big From Guests Honour, وكتب Serial 8 Authors, Where Each author a story From Stories, And they are Eyad Valid, deyaa Mohammed, Phaedra Ahmad Egyptian, Hesham Ismail, India Fayed, Mohammed Majesty, Ehab Bubble, And Ayman Shayeb And an idea The project Returns للكاتب Applies Al Fakharani Responsible Production Dramatic By the United للخدمات Informational, وقوم Directed by the work immortal Halfawy.

Producer Karim Abuzakry contracted with “Synergy” to participate in the production, as the first cooperation between them, especially after his success two years ago in presenting the series “The Will” starring Akram Hosni, Ahmed Amin and Reem Mustafa, a work that has enjoyed great success and high viewing rates immediately. susceptible.


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