Half a million dollars hidden in a strange place


US officials at a Florida airport announced that they had found nearly half a million dollars smuggled out of the United States hidden inside furniture, according to ABC.

The customs authority statement stated that US Customs and Border Protection officers at Miami International Airport confiscated $ 491,280, which was hidden inside a chair.

Officials said the shipment was bound for the Dominican Republic and was selected for examination during law enforcement operations issued.

“Criminal organizations will try to export large sums of cash to launder their ill-gotten gains,” added Robert Del Toro, acting airport manager. Officials did not say where the funds belonged or whether criminal charges would be brought.

It is reported that US law requires travelers who bring more than $ 10,000 from the United States to inform customs officials, and officials have said that failure to do so could lead to confiscation of funds, as well as the level of possible criminal charges.


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