Haifa Wehbe with Mutasem Al Nahar in a romantic atmosphere – Ambassador of the North


Video: Haifa Wehbe with Moatasem Al Nahar in a romantic atmosphere

Superstar Haifa Wehbe invaded the Instagram application with a new video clip that she collected with the Syrian actor Mutasim Al-Nahar, while filming one of the scenes of the series “Light Black” in Ketermaya in the Chouf region.

Haifa Wehbe raised the level of suspense among the audience with the appearance of the actor Mu’tasim al-Nahar hugging her as part of the work events, and flirting with him in her comment by saying, “Two satellites and no anik.”

Wehbe talked about her experience with Mutasim Al-Nahar in the upcoming work, saying, “A calm and respected actor in which he deserves success, and very handsome! A lot of people want to see us together with a deed, but God conceals whoever they will see in the series.

The posted video garnered nearly a million views in less than 24 hours, and was quickly shared by internet pioneers on Facebook and Twitter as well, and is still widely spread on social media platforms.


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