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No Saudi writer can witness these great celebrations of the National Day and his glorious day, and the pulse of his pen does not move towards this beautiful joy, the national day is not an ordinary day for the Saudi people, and it comes and goes without leaving a trace on the souls of people, especially the successive generations who are supposed to Taking responsibility for preserving this great legacy, and trying to reinforce all aspects that guarantee us the stability and development of this homeland.When the Saudi citizen feels the meaning of the homeland and moves towards celebrating his memory, he presents to us the natural image that we must touch and observe, for love of all kinds needs to be nourished and grow so that it does not end and wither, so the only relationship that must remain resilient is the relationship of man with his homeland, this country that lives On everyone’s shoulder.

We have learned in life, especially through the events that are taking place around us, that the homeland creates stability and helps life move towards progress and productivity. You will not find a country that lives the scourge of wars, terrorism, destruction and corruption that progresses and develops in order to guarantee the people the well-being of life and the beauty of enjoying all its details. A place where they feel a state of national belonging, and whoever loses it cannot find a normal, stable life, for displacement between countries of the world in search of security and stability is disturbing, and a person loses an important part of his psychological formation related to the state of calm and tranquility. Therefore, the Saudi people, by the grace of God, during the past nine decades have been feeling the value of the homeland and the blessing of stability, and are still well aware that circumventing the leadership will prevent the abusers from reaching this country, so everyone – and I will not exaggerate this matter – is ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of this country The attitudes recorded by history when crises are present bear witness to this.

Today, the Saudi leadership is leading a new phase in the process of development and achievements, targeting all parts of the country and dedicating part of its financial resources in this aspect, and these things initially required adequate study to take this step seriously to guarantee us good results, as the war declared by my lord the Crown Prince Prince “Mohammed bin Salman” on corruption was one of the most important steps expected, which would ensure for us in the future the preservation of state resources and their proper employment. I am not exaggerating if I say: The era of King Salman has become a flagrant title for work, honesty and honesty.

Our passing over some of the mistakes of the past gives us the impression that the future is better, and that crises, regardless of their size, with cooperation, we will overcome them and become stronger, and perhaps the last Corona crisis and before it the Yemen war and the war on terror and corruption confirm this fact.

In Saudi Arabia – and by the grace of God – then with the moves of our wise leadership, we live a life that may be the best in the world, and we still seek the best, and we will work a lot and sacrifice until we reach the stages befitting a great country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


If you tell sand for you, we will blame it

If you thirst for blood, you are spilled

Wish you all the best,,,


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