Hadi Bou Ayyash to “Technical Fajr”: I gained a lot of experience with my participation in “Bardana Ana” .. I love Omar Sharif and I hope to embody his life in the series


An artist with high charisma and a remarkable presence in front of the camera, he excelled in providing meaningful roles, and for this reason the audience loved him and praised him by critics. We talked about the Lebanese actor Hadi Bou Ayyash.

والتقى “Technical dawnWith the artist Hadi Bou Ayyash, in a private dialogue, he opened his heart to us through him and spoke with us about his experience in the Lebanese series “Bardana Ana” and the details of his role that caused controversy.

And to the text of the dialogue ..

At the beginning .. Tell us about your experience in the series “Bardana Ana”, which was shown last Ramadan?

As for my experience in the Ramadan series Bardana Anna, it was very different and I was very happy with it, and the most thing that attracted me to this work is that the role is daring, and it was written very well.

How did the audience react to your role in the work, especially after it was presented under difficult circumstances in Lebanon?

In spite of everything, I received very positive reactions from the audience and they were very enthusiastic about the events, especially since the work discusses an important social issue that is widespread in every Arab society, to the extent that I felt that they clung to the characters and started asking me about the details of the character and asking me questions about how to marry and love from a woman who is older than me In a lifetime.

How did you prepare to embody this character?

I got ready for this character by searching for her in the community, meeting such models, discussing them and taking their opinion on many matters, such as love, the age difference in marriage between a man and a woman, and how a young man falls in love with a woman older than him, so all these dialogues and discussions with reading the text well I contributed to her preparation.

How was the work behind the scenes?

It was more than wonderful and the team was dealing with all kindness, and of course we faced many difficulties, the first of which was the long working hours, not to mention that the work consisted of 60 episodes and we used to shoot the episodes without arranging this and this required focus, but we gained experience and education from this experience.

Going back to nostalgia and the time of beautiful art .. Who is the artist who would like to present his CV in a dramatic work?

Certainly, I adore the late international artist Omar Sharif, and I hope to embody his biography.

What career would you have wished to work in if you weren’t an actor?

I love the profession of directing and photography, especially documentaries that give us important information about society, as well as the profession of cooking because, from my point of view, it is intertwined in society. And spread environmental awareness.


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