Gulf News Google launches Android 11 Go version with major improvements


After officially announcing the Android 11 version earlier this week, Google announced Android 11 Go (Android 11 Go), which is a lighter version of the latest OS versions from Google for devices with low amounts of RAM.

The latest update builds on the features that were introduced in the release of Android 10 Go last year, and introduces two new features to improve speed, reliability and security on Android devices.

Google claims that the Android 11 Go version is able to run applications 20 percent faster compared to the Android 10 Go version. The company was able to achieve this through the initial fetching of application data, and this change allows users to easily switch between applications without their devices getting stuck.

It is very similar to the full version of Android 11, and Android 11 Go features a conversation section under notifications, and conversations are displayed across all messaging applications in this section, making it easier for users to see, reply to, and manage conversations in one place.

And to ensure optimum privacy and security, Android 11 Go devices have access to industry-leading privacy protection like any other Android device. The new version also includes some new privacy improvements, which make it easier for users to control how data is shared on their devices.


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