Good news announced by “MBC” for followers of the series “The Bride of Beirut”


The “MBC” group announced, through its official accounts on social media, that the series “Bride of Beirut” is approaching, good news for followers of the series (Bride of Beirut 2) and its fans that it is almost ready, so she said in a tweet on Twitter: “New episodes will soon be shown on (Watch ) Just 24 hours before its showing on MBC4, let’s enjoy this new season together within the same family.

The actors of the work finished filming their scenes in Istanbul for a while and defied “Corona” and many difficulties due to the closure of the airports between Lebanon and Turkey at the time to limit the spread of the epidemic, but the secrets of the second part were kept secret, which raised the level of suspense among the audience of the work, which is impatiently waiting for its characters and the new Who will fall into their roles.


The work includes an elite of drama stars, most notably Zafer Al-Abidin, Takla Shamoun, Carmen Bseebs, Joe Trad, Sami Abu Hamdan, Muhammad Al-Ahmad, Duha Al-Debs, Faris Yaghi, Rania Silwan, Mia Saeed, Mary Therese Maalouf, Jad Abu Ali, Jennifer Azar, and the actor The able Rafiq Ali Ahmed, who joined the second part, replacing the actor Fadi Ibrahim, and actress Carla Boutros joined the second part as well.

It is noteworthy that the series “Bride of Beirut” was written by author and actor Tariq Sweid, and the first part of it enjoyed remarkable success in Lebanese, Arab and even Arab communities in Sweden, Germany and America, and it is produced by “03” affiliated with “MBC”.

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