Global Health reveals when life will return to before the Corona pandemic


She added that the most realistic schedule puts the launch of the Corona vaccine during the middle of 2021, and that vaccination will not happen overnight, and wearing face coverings and social distancing will remain necessary for a while after that.
Swaminathan explained that they need 60% to 70% of the world’s population to have immunity to the virus before we start to see a significant reduction in transmission of this virus.
And she continued, “Also, even if we get the vaccine, we do not know to what degree these vaccines will protect, and there is another big question mark, how many months will the immunity last?”
Microsoft founder Bill Gates gave a similar prediction this week, and said, “Global immunity seems unlikely before 2022, and that even if 80% of vaccines are approved, their distribution needs a long time, and we hope it will not exceed 2022.”


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