Gerard Butler is lonely in Hollywood after news of his split from girlfriend Morgan Brown


The Daily Mail website spotted the star Jared Butler, alone in Hollywood, wearing a muzzle to protect against the Corona virus, just two weeks after the news that confirmed his separation from his girlfriend Morgan Brown, who had never moved away from her during the closure period due to the Corona virus, where she accompanied him most Places to go.

On the other hand, international star Gerard Butler plays the role of a secret agent in the thriller “Kandahar”, which is the film written by former Military Intelligence officer Mitchell LaForton, based on his experiences in the Defense Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan.

The film was featured in the Cannes Film Festival market and is directed by Rick Roman, director of Gerrard’s latest film, Angel Has Fallen.

Gerrard co-starred in “Angel Has Fallen” by a number of stars, most notably Morgan Freeman, Pepe Perabo, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sapir Azulay, and the film directed by Rick Roman, who co-authored alongside Robert Mark Kamen, Matt Cook, Creighton Rutenberger, Catherine Benedict, Creighton Rothenberger.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler (2)
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler (3)
Gerard Butler


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