George Clooney’s neighbors are upset … the reason is the restoration work on his mansion! Lebanon


Newspaper revealed The Sun“British movie star George Clooney’s neighbors in Los Angeles are upset with him.In the details, the health ministry pointed out that Clooney’s neighbors felt dissatisfied with the renovation work of his palace, which began about a year ago, and complained about the noise caused by the repairs.

The newspaper quoted a worker at the palace as saying that the work is expected to continue for another 6 months, which is bad news for the neighbors.The refurbishment includes adding 3 new buildings, and pictures obtained by “The Sun” showed that the work is proceeding normally, but there is a lot awaiting completion.

One resident said, “There are a lot of trucks coming early in the morning. Workers and trucks stand up and down the street, occupying all spaces in front of other people’s homes, and this is also annoying.”

He pointed out that the situation was worse in the past, when cement mixing trucks made loud noises to the palace.

George Clooney House

George Clooney House


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