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Wednesday 21/1/1442 AH corresponding to 09/09/2020 AD, SPA

The newspaper “Al-Riyadh” said in its editorial entitled (Lebanon’s identity): “Hezbollah” seizes Lebanon by force of arms. This is a fact that is not disputed. Even the party affiliated with Iran no longer sees a need to conceal its dominance over the Lebanese decision, and to seek the help of the national partnership dictionary. And all the vocabulary of a common destiny and Lebanese sovereignty that no longer fools anyone after it has become the sole representative of Lebanon’s sovereignty and its decisions at home and abroad.
And she continued: The last sign of this excess power is the naming of a street in the southern suburb of Beirut under the control of “Hezbollah” in the name of Qassem Soleimani, the “Iranian terrorist” whose hands are stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries whose body has infiltrated the Iranian disease, which represents a decline. It has no bottom, and a crude expression of contempt for the sufferings, pains and sacrifices of all who fell victim to the plans of this international murderer and the criminal of sectarian wars.
She added: Hezbollah continues to marginalize its partners in the homeland, and at the same time it is moving ahead with the distortion of Lebanon’s historical identity, attaching it to an identity alien to its people, an identity that strips Lebanon from its natural surroundings and turns it into a province affiliated with Iran and under the tutelage of the guardian jurist, which represents a full-fledged theft. There is a sovereign state, and if we wish to be precise, a complete occupation of the Lebanese state. This proves Lebanon’s involvement through the “party” in the region’s crises, and its alignment with the Iranian line, despite the national consensus and calls for neutrality and self-distancing, so it is no longer a matter of debate that Lebanon needs independence New, and drafting a political and social contract that restores the balance of the political and sovereign reality in this country of crisis.
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