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General / Saudi newspapers / Fifth and final addition to the Saudi Press Agency


General / Saudi newspapers / Fifth and final addition

Wednesday 21/1/1442 AH corresponding to 09/09/2020 AD, SPA

“Okaz” newspaper explained in its editorial entitled (The interest of the Libyan people first): The extreme secrecy about the Libyan / Libyan negotiations in the Moroccan city of Bouznika, and the extension of negotiations, indicates the difficulty of discussions between the two sides on the points put forward for an agreement that puts Libya on the path to prosperity and gives Its citizens have security and stability.
And she continued: The meeting, which includes representatives of the Libyan House of Representatives, and others from the so-called Supreme Council of the State of Libya, must put the interest of Libya and the Libyan people first, starting with raising the slogan “Libya’s goods for the Libyan people”, passing through the importance of preventing foreign intervention led by Turkey in the hope of gas. And Libyan oil, reaching an end point for the country’s political and institutional division.
She added: If the Libyans participating in the Bouznika negotiations want to put an end to the “noose” of Libya, they must, in the first place, strengthen the role of regulatory institutions, starting with choosing the appropriate names to lead these institutions, to reach a fair settlement that prevents prejudices and practices that the Libyan people will pay for, if It was not fair, just, resolute and puts the interests of the Libyan people first.
She concluded: The leaked document, which recently revealed that Al-Wefaq Forces are pushing to employ members of its militia in high positions within the state apparatus, to reward them for the blood they paid in the war against the Libyan army, is a negative indicator that gives a simple idea of ​​the way things are being managed within state institutions Under the supervision of the Government of National Accord, these practices must put the Bouznika negotiations on a decisive and decisive solution, in order to reach a peaceful political consensus solution in Libya.
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