“Fortnite” game sparks a legal battle between “Apple” and “Epic Games”


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“Fortnite” game provokes a legal battle between “Apple” and “Epic Games”, Today, Wednesday, 9 September 2020 09:41 PM

Apple has filed counter-lawsuits against Epic Games, the creator of the game Fortnite, demanding compensation for lost fees on the App Store and other damages, and is seeking to obtain an order to prevent the game developer from using its in-app payment system.

And Apple and Epic Games have been in a legal battle since August, when the famous game creator launched its in-app payment system to circumvent what it called Apple’s monopolistic practices. The Apple App Store requires game developers to use its own payment system and pay a 30% commission.

According to «Reuters», Apple prevented Epic Gemmise from distributing updates or new applications through the Apple Store, for Epic to file a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that its application store practices violate antitrust laws.

The court allowed Apple to prevent Epic from distributing new versions while the case is pending, but the current version of Fortnite remains in effect and so is the Epic payment system.

Apple said it would allow Fortnite to return to its app store if Epic removed the direct payment feature, but Epic refused, saying that complying with that request would be “a collusion with Apple to maintain its monopoly on in-app payments on iOS.”

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