Formula 1 | Vettel: Ferrari had to be smarter at Monza


German Sebastian Vettel believes his Ferrari team should have dealt with the qualifying quota for the Italian Grand Prix, the eighth round of the 2020 F1 World Championship season, in a smarter way than he did.

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The first part of the qualifying session at Monza was chaotic, with many drivers seeking to score their best times in the final minutes of that section.

But for Vettel, he was in 17th place when he started his last quick turn, except that he faced great traffic congestion behind several cars, and he was unable to improve his timing, And to be satisfied with the starting position in his last race With Ferrari in Monza.

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After the qualifying session, Vettel said, “I have nothing to talk about, honestly. It was very chaotic. There were many cars on the same spot on the track.

He continued: “The place I was in was bad, so with the timing of my departure from the maintenance area, there was nothing I could do.. Certainly, this is a bad and very painful result. ”

He continued, “I was not the only driver who left the maintenance area at that stage. Rather, all teams followed the same approach.”

وأضاف: “Certainly, no one wanted to start his quick turn and not end it, but for us, the team had to be smarter in dealing with better decision-making in the first part of the qualifying session.


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