For those wishing to perform Umrah .. Saudi Arabia adopts the “Umrahna” application


The Saudi authorities announced, on Monday, that technical solutions will be used to facilitate the gradual return of Umrah rituals, during the Corona pandemic crisis.

The Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Muhammad Saleh Benten, said during the second virtual forum to enrich the experience of the pilgrim, that Saudi Arabia is about to gradually return to Umrah, but taking into account health precautions, technological solutions will be used, according to local media.

The Saudi minister added that a special application called “Umrah” will be approved, as those who want to come to perform Umrah must make reservations at certain times.

Benten indicated that companies operating in organizing Umrah programs from inside or outside the country will have an important role in this process, in addition to a special track in registration as well.

The application will appear for those wishing to book the Umrah trip that he wants, the available times for that, taking into account health requirements regarding the places where the rituals take place.

Saudi Arabia receives about 16 million pilgrims from inside or outside the Kingdom, while the Ministry of Haj aims to bring the total number of pilgrims in 2030 to about 30 million.

Last week, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced a partial lifting of the suspension of international flights to and from the Kingdom, effective September 15, six months after it was imposed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

A ministry statement published by the Saudi Press Agency stated that it had been decided to “fully lift the restrictions on citizens leaving and returning to the Kingdom, and to allow the crossing of all means of transport through the land, sea and air ports, after January 1, 2021.”

Gulf nationals, and non-Saudis who hold residence permits or visas, will be allowed to enter the Kingdom from September 15, unless they are infected with the Coronavirus.

In March, Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of Umrah due to fears of an outbreak of the Corona virus.

At the end of July, Saudi Arabia organized the rituals of Hajj, but restricted the number of pilgrims to ten thousand, compared to about 2.5 million pilgrims who performed the rituals last year.

The kingdom suspended international flights in March, with a decision that kept many citizens and residents stranded abroad.


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