Fayrouz presents Macron with a “mysterious” gift, and the latter bestows her with the highest honor in


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The details of the “Vengah Al-Qahwa” meeting that were gathered remain French President, Emmanuel MacronWith the Lebanese singer Mrs. Fayrouz Muffled, but what attracted the attention of many were two paintings that appeared during the meeting and shortly after it ended, and no media outlet was allowed to film Macron’s meeting with the “symbol of Lebanon” at her home in Rabieh, Beirut, on Monday evening, where the Lebanese singer is known for her distance from the lights and the media.
Macron left Fayrouz’s house just before midnight, after he presented her with the highest French honor, the Legion of Honor, and it seemed noticeable that a painting covered with a blue cover had been taken out by Macron’s escorts from Fairouz’s house, which increased the ambiguity and speculation of what this painting, which was of a large size, contained.
Lebanese journalist Rachel Karam asked on her Twitter account: “What did you gift # Fayrouz to the French President # Emmanuel Macron?
The Lebanese writer Rehab Daher asked the following question on her account on the small blogging site: “What a gift, Fayrouz, for Macron,” while other tweeters guessed that the painting is a model of cedar wood engraved with her name.
The French president refused to go into details of the meeting with Mrs. Fairouz, who described it as “exceptional,” adding, “I cannot say what she said to me. She is very beautiful and strong.” The 85-year-old is considered an icon of Lebanese and Arab singing, and her voice embodies the “drama of Lebanon” from Its heyday, through its struggles, and even the most recent shock he was subjected to, and it is considered a symbol of peace that transcends sectarian boundaries in Lebanon and beyond.
Many began to analyze the details of the pictures that Fairuz and the French president had collected. In the pictures published by Fayrouz’s official account on the “Twitter” website Tuesday, many details of the spontaneous meeting with the lady and the president, and it was clear that the Salon of “Our Lady of Lebanon” is very simple and devoid of frivolity and fancy.
In one of the pictures hanging on the wall, a large oil painting appears in which Mrs. Fairouz appears in three different views, surrounding this painting, and 6 other paintings of religious icons, and the painting, in which there are 3 faces of Fayrouz, was painted by the late Croatian artist Justina Sursock in 1980, and remained “Neighbor of the Moon.” “She has kept this painting since then.
In the corner of the picture is a group of personal photos of Fayrouz, in addition to another gathering Fayrouz with her children Reema and another accompanied by Ziad Rahbani, and on the table is a turquoise rosary and a lamp of light, around which a white cloth is hung.
According to information circulating, the French embassy in Beirut invited Mrs. Fairouz to meet Macron at her headquarters, Palais Pine, to honor her, but she apologized for leaving her home and invited Macron to visit her, so the latter agreed.

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