Facebook prevents a patient from broadcasting his last hours


Yesterday, Saturday, Facebook announced that it would prevent the streaming of a French person suffering from an incurable disease who decided to broadcast his last hours in a live broadcast on the social media platform.
Alan Cook, 57, suffers from a very rare disease that causes the walls of his blood vessels to stick together, causing the blood flow to the tissues or organs to stop or limit.
And Cook had announced earlier that he would stop consuming food, fluids and medicines after French President Emmanuel Macron refused to give him permission to “euthanize”.
Cook expected to live less than a week, indicating that he would transfer his last hours directly through his Facebook page, starting Saturday morning, but Facebook announced that its systems do not allow the publication of pictures and scenes of suicides.
In light of the excruciating pain that accompanies him, Cook requested that he be allowed to benefit from the technique of complete and continuous anesthesia until his death, but French law does not allow this for people at the end of their lives until a few hours before “certain death”.
“I decided to say stop,” Cook recently told AFP. He explained his suffering, explaining that he had undergone nine operations in four years with electric shocks to the body “every two to three seconds.”
Cook wrote a letter to the Elysee Palace asking French President Emmanuel Macron to allow a doctor to prescribe to him a type of barbiturates, which are drugs depressing the nervous system, in order to “leave in peace.”
Macron responded in a letter to Cook, which Agence France-Presse obtained a copy of, stating: “Because I am not above the law, I cannot fulfill your request. I cannot ask anyone to skip our current legal framework. ”
Because he did not obtain permission to “euthanize”, Cook affirmed his intention to end his life by refraining from eating food, fluids and treatments except for pain-relieving care. He decided to transfer his last hours directly through his Facebook page to show the French “forced suffering” as a result of the law relating to the right. In “euthanasia”.


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