“Facebook” announces a new service for businessmen and owners of small companies



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The company “Facebook” announced the launch of a new service to make social networks more useful to business owners and businessmen.

And “Facebook” that its new service Facebook Business Suite will enable its users to rely on it to better manage small businesses over the Internet.

Through this service, the user can integrate the services of the electronic accounts he owns on “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “Messenger” in one place, and receive messages and notifications that are received by these accounts through a unified email box, and he can also publish ads related to it. His business or personal company on his three accounts with the click of a button.

This service also includes tools that help the user to perform analytical data for his workflow on the web pages he owns on the three mentioned platforms.

According to the available information, Facebook plans to develop this service to include WhatsApp accounts as well, and Facebook Shops accounts for online e-stores.

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“Facebook” also announced a while ago about the “Shops” service, which it promised to provide to users free of charge, which will enable company owners to create lists of their products on their own or commercial pages on the “Facebook” and “Instagram” platforms, and display these lists to customers through those pages .

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