Expert Rhett approves the terms of increasing his assets to acquire real estate assets


Riyadh – Mubasher: Al-Khabeer Capital Company, in its capacity as Director of the Expert Rhett Fund, announced the approval of the Fund’s Board of Directors today, Thursday, September 27, of the fund’s terms and conditions, which the fund’s manager intends to present to the Capital Market Authority and the Capital Market Company, Tadawul.

The company clarified in a statement on “Tadawul” that those conditions were approved regarding the request for approval to increase the total value of the fund’s assets for the acquisition of new real estate assets targeted by the fund manager.

She added that the targeted acquisitions include logistical, educational and industrial real estate located in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, which will be announced upon completion of the studies, which negate the ignorance, as well as obtaining the approval of the Fund Board of Directors regarding them.

The fund manager expects that the impact resulting from this development will be generally positive on the fund.


“Expert Rhett” acquires an office tower and expects a positive impact

Expert Rhett’s fund acquires real estate assets


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