“Evening of Love”, a new song on Rabeh Saqr’s album, written by Turki Al-Sheikh


The Saudi singer Rabeh Saqr is preparing to release a song from his new album entitled “Evening of Love”, from his melodies and lyrics by Turki Al-Sheikh, and it is scheduled to be released with the album completely next October on YouTube.

On the other hand, Rabeh recently released a new song entitled “Saif Al-Mulhim”, which is written by Abdel-Rahman bin Musaed, composed by Sadiq Al-Shaer, and the distribution of Walid Fayed’s music, on the video site “YouTube”, where the song met with great interaction from Rabah’s fans, especially as he is very popular. in the Arab world.

Rabeh Saqr puts the final touches to his new album, scheduled to be released next October, which includes 11 varied songs and presents them in a new way, and Rabeh will present the re-distribution of the two national songs “You are Malak and the Distant Star” in the manner of the Eastern Takht, in his new album.

The artist Rabeh Saqr is considered one of the most famous and prominent singers in the Kingdom, the Gulf and the Arab world, and during his wonderful artistic career he succeeded in achieving great popularity in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries, even being called the Gulf musician because of his combination of singing and composing and he has an exceptional talent and good slender and a great passion for art and singing, which made him a star Shining and a big name in the art world.


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