Epic Games continues its legal battle to return Fortnite to the Apple Store.


Epic Games returns to the court arch on Monday, as it will try to convince a federal judge in the US state of California that the famous video game developed by “Fortnite” should be returned to the “Apple” app store, despite its circumvention of the commission charged by the giant group on operations across its platforms, according to French.

“Apple” limits the ability to download applications for users of its famous devices to its own online store, while “Epic Games” is fighting a battle against the 30% commission that the group that manufactures “iPhone” and “iPad” charges from the money that users spend on the applications.
Epic Games has been in conflict with Apple for several weeks on the back of this commission, which the Fortnite developer considers unfair.
Last month, it tried to circumvent the payment system built into Apple’s iOS, but the giant American group quickly pulled the “Fortnite” game from its online store. A judge supported her with this move on the grounds that Epic Games had breached its contractual obligations.
This confrontation comes at a time when “Apple” is prioritizing the sale of digital content and subscription services to more than one billion people around the world who use devices operating with its operating program “IOS”.
The dispute over the commission was an opportunity to join the efforts of other application developers accusing “Apple” of practicing a monopoly policy in its electronic app store.
And a group of major developers, including Epic Games and the giant streaming music service Spotify, finally joined forces to push for a change in the rules for dealing with the major online markets run by Apple and Google.
Google manages the “Play Store” for applications designed for devices running on its “Android” program. It also charges a commission, but leaves the freedom for users of its devices to download applications from other online stores if they want to.
The companies allied under the banner of “Coalition for App Furniture” (The Coalition for Equitable Applications) affirmed that “Apple” and other platforms “agree to submit to supervision to ensure that their behavior encourages competition in the market and that it offers consumers a fair choice.”
These companies seek to develop legislation that governs the operation of electronic application stores, taking on the operators of mobile platforms, especially “Apple” and “Google”, as the opponent and judgment in any dispute, accusing them of crushing competition by promoting their own products.


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