“Entertainment” unveils its activities for the 90th National Day – Saudi News


In an atmosphere filled with happiness and feelings of joy, and under the slogan “Him to the Summit”, the activities launched by the General Entertainment Authority during the days of celebrating the 90th National Day in Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah during the period from 22 to 25 September were successfully concluded.

The General Entertainment Authority’s activities for the National Day began with the president’s invitation to everyone to participate in writing a poem that started its first two homes, and it turned into a song that was widely echoed in various media outlets entitled “Oh my country”. The precious occasion.

The National Day activities implemented by the authority under the direction of its Chairman, Turki bin Abdul-Mohsen Al Al-Sheikh, included the embrace of the largest air show in the history of national days, in which civilian aircraft representing the government and private sectors, as well as other military sectors, participated in the show. Interior, Ministry of Information, Royal Guard Presidency, Presidency of State Security, Civil Aviation Authority, Royal Saudi Air Force, Saudi Falcons Team, Saudi Air Navigation Services Company, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Flynas Company, they answered the Authority’s invitation to participate in the enjoyable offers With a large audience in the three cities from behind the screen of the Saudi channel.

The atmosphere of celebration, which the General Entertainment Authority arranged to take into account the value of this precious occasion in light of the exceptional circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, included the release of flashes of fireworks that decorated the Kingdom’s sky with its charming aesthetic formations during the days of celebration, which in turn resonated widely in The hearts of its viewers from behind the televised screens are represented by the Saudi channel.

The General Entertainment Authority completed the activities that won the satisfaction of its followers, by organizing a number of concerts in the three cities, in which a group of art stars in the Arab world participated. And concluded in Jeddah the day before yesterday with the participation of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Hamaki.

The authority, in the interest of public safety, had applied the highest precautionary measures it had previously adopted with the aim of combating Corona virus COVID-19.

The commission has also been keen on the participation of young people and art enthusiasts in the activities of the National Day, as it launched on its dedicated website the “National Day” coloring book, through which it allowed the coloring of the most precious landmarks of our country in its various administrative regions, in addition to a series of competitions.


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