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With Emirati tunes, the activities of the “Melody on the Fujairah Saghger” musical forum, organized by the Fujairah Cultural Cafe of the Fujairah Social and Cultural Association, were concluded.

At the end of the forum, a musical evening was given by Emirati artist Jassim Al Jassim, which was transferred, the day before yesterday, from Fujairah Concorde, through a live broadcast on the association’s account on “Instagram”.

Al Jassim began his evening with a piece of music, oriental spirit and identity, followed by a number of pieces that varied between the original Emirati heritage and the Gulf for an hour.

The activities of the forum were organized under the slogan: “The Emirates is a message of peace”, from 12 to 18 this month, with the participation of Emirati and Arab musicians, the most prominent of whom are: Iman Al-Hashemi on the piano, Muhammad Shamdin on the guitar, Uday Suleiman on the law, Muhammad Al-Qiblawi on the violin, and Fadel Al-Hamidi On the cello, and Amjad Al-Jarmani on the flute, and Jasim Al-Jasem on the oud.

For his part, Chairman of the Society’s Board of Directors, Khaled Al-Dhanhani, affirmed that “the Forum (Melody on the Fujairah Poetry), in its first version, sheds light on the importance of music within society, and its delivery to the largest possible segment of the masses,” indicating that the importance of the forum stems from The variety of his performances over the course of seven days, blending original Arabic music and classical music, with the participation of artists from several Arab countries.

For her part, the director of the forum, Salma Al-Hafiti, confirmed that the first experience of launching the artistic forum met with great interaction from the audience of social media platforms, through their daily interaction with the seven musical evenings that were included in the forum, which reflected positively on the artistic taste, and came out with a beautiful impression that the scene The local still needs to present authentic music that promotes the values ​​of love and tolerance among the peoples of the world.

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