Elon Musk announces the launch of the ‘Tesla’ car at a price of 25 thousand …


During a live presentation under the slogan “Battery Day,” the founder of the company announced Tesla Elon Musk About technology he said it would make batteries Tesla cars Cheaper and stronger, Adv To the possibility of acquiring a fully autonomous Tesla car worth $ 25,000 “in about three years.”

According to the network ” BBC” Musk explained that the self-driving car will be 12,000 dollars cheaper than the cheapest model the company launches at the moment, a sedan. Model 3 Which was priced at $ 37,990. “Our dream has always been to create an affordable electric vehicle,” he said“.

The event also included the announcement of new batteries for Tesla cars that would provide five times more energy and a 16% greater driving range.، But the announced technology will likely take years to implement.

It includes an approach Tesla cars Incorporating the battery so that it forms part of the vehicle’s body, thus reducing the effective weight of the battery.

Innovations in the way the company designs batteries are fundamental to a company Tesla.

It is reported that the company “Tesla” was established in 2003 as a manufacturer and producer of cars and related technologies، Along with cars, the company produces electric batteries and electric motors, based on technologies it has developed and sells to other companies such as Toyota and Daimler.


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