Ellen DeGeneres: The “Embarrassed” Presenter Returns to Screen After Apologizing and Pleading Guilty


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Eileen: “If you follow me because you love me, thank you. If you follow me because you don’t love me, then you are welcome.”

Ellen DeGeneres’ show returned to US television on Monday for the first time since rumors circulated of a toxic atmosphere in the studio from which the program was broadcast.

“I take this very seriously, and I want to express my sorrow to all those affected by it,” said DeGeneres.

She added that an investigation had led to “necessary changes”.

Three of DeGeneres’ most prominent producers have been fired, citing misconduct.

DeGeneres began her program by directing a speech to the camera in which she said, “If you follow me because you love me, thank you, but if you are following me because you do not like me, then you are welcome.”

Sharpening her teeth, she said she had “a beautiful summer, a wonderful summer”.

But she quickly spoke seriously about the allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment that surfaced earlier this year.

The American presenter said, “I knew that there were things that had happened that should not have happened. If I failed anyone, and if I scratched anyone’s feelings, I apologize for that.”

‘The Good Woman’

DeGeneres added that as an influential and privileged woman, she is responsible for everything that happens during the preparation and presentation of her show.

“We’ve made all the necessary changes, and today we’re starting a new page,” she told her viewers.

These changes included the announcement of the promotion of Musical presenter Twitch to the position of Executive Producer Assistant.

DeGeneres said, in a tone that is not without a sense of humor, that her position as a “good woman”, the nickname she used to conclude her program with, “is a sensitive site in which a person finds himself.”

“If you want to give yourselves a new title or title, do not choose the title of the good woman. Do not do that,” she added.

But she said that – contrary to what has been reported in the press and social media – “the truth is that I am the same person that you see on your screens,” adding, “But sometimes I feel sad, sometimes angry and anxious at other times. Sometimes I feel despondent and my patience runs out.” . But I am working to address these issues and deficiencies, as I am a project under construction. ”

She said she wanted all 270 employees working on her program to “feel happy and proud of their work here.”

What happened in the program?

DeGeneres had apologized to her program workers in an email sent in July, in which she said she was “determined that these things do not happen in the future,” and apologized again in a video interview with her team in August.

A spokesperson for Warner Brothers, which produces the program, confirmed that it (the program) had “parted” from executive producers Ed Galvin, Kevin Lehman and assistant executive producer Jonathan Norman this past August.

A number of former Degeneres employees told the BuzzFeed news site earlier this year that they had been subjected to racist practices while they were working in the program, and some of them said they were fired from their jobs because they asked for leave for deaths in their families.

DeGeneres has won 60 Emmy Awards since it first launched in 2003.


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