Egypt News | Science and Technology / Google launches a free application to improve children’s skills in reading in Arabic


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Google said: “We have seen a remarkable improvement in children’s reading level since the application was launched in other languages ​​at the beginning of the year. Children who read less than 45 words correctly per minute achieved an improvement of between 35 and 85 percent in reading aloud after using the application for 100 minutes. Over the course of two to three weeks ».

Read Along is distinguished by the fact that it does not require an Internet connection after downloading, and uses Google’s speech recognition technology to share visual and verbal notes with young readers as they read books available from around the world. Children learn to read with the help of virtual reading companion, Diaa, who reads first and then listens to the children’s performance in real time, and gives them positive and encouraging feedback as they read, just as parents and teachers do.

Children can also click on the picture of “Diyaa” at any time to repeat a certain word or sentence for them.

The surprise in the Arabic version of the application is that the library will include a series of innovative stories created internally in Google especially for Read Along users.

The first story of this series is available under the title “Coco Goes to the Party” and it focuses on important values ​​in our world today such as friendship, compassion and perseverance. Other innovative stories will be followed by Google’s initiative to encourage writing, authorship and expression in Arabic.

The Read Along app offers personalized suggestions for each child based on their level of progress, and includes programs that encourage children to collect stars and badges and enjoy educational games that motivate them to read more.

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Date: 2020-09-08


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