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The South Korean company “LG” unveiled the “Wing” smart phone with a large rotating screen underneath a second, smaller screen, according to the BBC website, today, Tuesday.

The company stated that the new phone will be initially launched in South Korea next month, without revealing its price.

The small screen of the Wing phone can work independently from the other screen while watching a movie, for example. You can complement it to become a game and media console. Some of these functions depend on pre-loaded browsers.

The device works on the 5G 5 network, and has three cameras on the back.

The BBC quoted Ben Wood of the CCS Insight consulting firm as saying that it is “difficult to evaluate (the phone) without using it,” noting that it does not resemble any of the foldable screens, which are the designs that he focused on Many of LG’s competitors finally.

Date: 2020-09-15


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