Egypt – Microsoft releases a new update to broadcast Xbox One games on the iPhone


MENAFN IPhone According to “the verge,” remote play differs from Microsoft’s xCloud service, which broadcasts games directly from servers instead of your Xbox One console.

This Xbox Remote Play feature will only connect to your Xbox console, not xCloud, and this is similar to the PS4 Remote Play feature also available on Android and iOS, and you’ll be able to access your Xbox console via Wi-Fi, or even LTE or 5G too.

Also, since this app controls your home Xbox, you can start the remote controller outside of your home, Xbox will start up without sound or Xbox light in front, and when disconnected, it returns to standby after a short period of inactivity.

And a new Xbox app arrived on Android recently, and this updated version of the iPhone includes the same new design and new features.

You can quickly download or share game clips and screenshots on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S console, you can manage console space and delete games.

This new Xbox app is also much faster than the previous iOS version, and has been completely overhauled to match similar design changes made across Xbox.

Microsoft is testing the Xbox app, which means it should be publicly available on the App Store soon so everyone can download it.



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