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Riyadh, Muharram 14, 1442 AH, corresponding to September 02, 2020 AD, SPA
The Council of Saudi Chambers and Business Group (B20) organized a virtual meeting, with the participation of the Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, Ajlan Al-Ajlan, the Vice Chairman and CEO of SABIC, Chairman of the Business Group (B20) Yusef Al-Bunyan, and the representative of the Business Group, Dr. Abdel-Wahab Al-Saadoun, with the participation A number of Saudi business owners and representatives of major companies in the Kingdom, as part of the events hosting the Kingdom’s presidency of the G20 summit.
The meeting discussed a summary of the recommendations reached by the Saudi Business Group (B20) working groups on priority topics and issues for the global business sector, including: digitization, energy, sustainability and climate, finance and infrastructure, the future of work and education, integrity and compliance, trade and investment, in addition to the recommendations of the Council. business women.
The Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, Ajlan Al-Ajlan said: “The Kingdom’s hosting and presidency of the G20 summit, in light of the Corona pandemic that has cast a dark shadow on the global economy, imposes upon us all great challenges in investing this important event to reach recommendations and results that emulate the aspirations of the Saudi and global business sector and stand out. The influential role of the Kingdom in the global economy and strengthening its participation in global economic decision-makers and international trade legislation, “stressing that the Council of Saudi Chambers is looking as an umbrella for the private sector to continue efforts to reduce the negative economic impacts on the international economy as a result of this pandemic by urging governments to support the private sector and continue and sustain Stimulation and international cooperation to restore recovery and prosperity to the global economy.
For his part, Vice Chairman and CEO of SABIC, Chairman of the Business Group (B20) Yousef Al-Bunyan, explained that the Kingdom faced great challenges that the G20 countries and the business group had not faced in recent years, which came as a result of the Corona pandemic that It affected the global economy, stressing that the business group was able with the support of the Council of Saudi Chambers, the Executive Committee, and the various sectors and committees that witnessed the active participation of Saudi women and business owners to provide recommendations to the leaders of the G20 countries on how to deal with the Corona pandemic, with regard to governance, finance, women’s work and small and medium enterprises , With the aim of re-reviving the global economy.
In turn, the representative of the business group, Dr. Abdel-Wahab Al-Saadoun, confirmed that the Kingdom’s presidency of the G20 witnessed a high rate of participation of Saudis in the group’s work teams, and a wide representation was made that reflects the views of the global business community, and recommendations were formulated that are applicable and reflect the pioneering role that the Kingdom plays in The stability of the global economy, explaining that the business group represents the voice of the private sector globally, and it includes 675 representatives of various sectors, as 95% of the business group is from representatives of the G20 countries and 5% from outside the G20, in order to provide recommendations that reflect the viewpoint of the business community Global.
This meeting is of great importance as it highlights the participation of the Saudi business sector, whose representation in this year’s business group reached nearly 26%, in drafting and crystallizing the final recommendations of the work teams at a time when the global economy is facing great challenges due to the Corona pandemic, which requires concerted international efforts, and these recommendations will reflect The orientations and aspirations of the international global business sector, its interests and demands from the governments, as they will be submitted to the leaders at the G20 summit scheduled to be held in Riyadh at the end of next November to consider adopting and including them for the final statement of the summit.
The G20 Business Summit started its work for the first time during the G20 Summit in Seoul in 2010, with the aim of adding the recommendations of the business communities to the agenda and policies of the group in general, increasing the role of the global private sector and forming a joint work force between the public and private sectors under the leadership of the G20 .
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