Economic / “Saudi Electricity” wins two awards for the best performance of customer services departments in the Gulf and the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Muharram 20, 1442 AH, corresponding to September 08, 2020 AD, SPA
The Saudi Electricity Company won two awards for the best outstanding performance for the electrical and water customer services departments at the level of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.
The Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Development Affairs at the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council Khalifa bin Saeed Al-Abri, during announcing today the result of the award, that the subscriber services office in northern Riyadh won the “Best Customer Service Office Award”, and the subscriber service call center in the Kingdom won the best award call center.
Al-Abri explained that the winning offices will be honored at the Expo 2020 Dubai, which will be held in the UAE next year, indicating that this result came at the conclusion of the 28th meeting of the electrical and water customer services working group in the GCC countries.
“Saudi Electricity” affirmed that winning these two awards represents a link in a series of regional and international awards that the company has reaped in exchange for the achievements and efforts it has made and exerts in presenting a unique model in subscriber services, especially since it has extensive experience in this field, which contributed to Support the reliability of the electrical system in the Kingdom.
She explained that one of its priorities is to support and develop all its services, in accordance with the latest global technologies, in a way that is easy for subscribers to obtain.
It is worth noting that this award aims to support and develop the business of the subscriber services sector in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, highlighting successful practices in the areas of business management and outstanding performance, and motivating institutions to apply the principles and techniques of total quality, in order to ensure the achievement of customer satisfaction and enhance the level of quality and excellence of the services provided And to enhance the spirit of positive competition between the departments of customer services in the countries of the Cooperation Council in order to enhance their competitiveness at the local, regional and global levels.
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