Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” announces that he and his family have recovered from the Corona virus


Action movie star Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed The Rock, said in a video message on social media on Wednesday that he and his wife and two daughters were confirmed infected with Covid-19 disease in the past weeks, but they have all recovered and are in good health.

Johnson, the 48-year-old former wrestler, said on Instagram that he and his wife Lauren (35) and their two daughters, Jasmine (four years) and Tiana (two years old) had been infected about two and a half weeks ago, from “very close friends of the family.” They have no idea how they were infected.

The actor added that his family, as well as friends who contracted the virus first, were abiding by safety measures to avoid illness.

He said that the two girls only experienced “a slight sore throat in the first two days” and then their condition improved, but Johnson and his wife made a “difficult journey.”

Johnson has starred in films such as “Jumanji” and “The Mummy Returns”, and has become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid and commercially successful stars. He also participated in the HBO series (Ballers).


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