Dubai Ports and a Canadian Fund expand global investment platform to $ 8.2 billion – economic – domestic market


Dubai Ports World, one of the world’s leading infrastructure-based supply chain solutions, and Canada’s La Case de Depot e Plasman de Quebec (CDBQ), a global investment firm, announced the expansion of their investments. In the field of ports and container terminals, through a new commitment of $ 4.5 billion, which will raise the total size of the platform to $ 8.2 billion.

DP World owns a 55% stake in the platform, while La Case de Depot e Plassmann de Quebec owns 45%.

Since its launch in December 2016, the platform has invested in 10 ports and container terminals globally and across various stages of the asset life cycle. The enhanced platform will continue to target assets globally, but across an expanding scale of its business in new and existing regions, such as Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

The investment platform will seek to achieve expansion and diversify its objectives by enhancing its roles in integrated marine supply chains, such as logistics services linked to container terminals.

Sultan Bin Sulayem, Chairman and CEO of DP World Group, said: “The partnership between DP World and“ La Case Depot e Plassmann de Quebec ”was a great success, and we were able to benefit from each other’s experiences. The investment opportunities in the port and logistics sector are of great importance, and the outlook remains positive given the major shifts in consumer demand across global supply chains. ”

He added: “Leading, interconnected ports and highly efficient supply chains will continue to play an active role in advancing global trade and developing business environments closer to their business. With“ La Case de Depot e Plasmann de Quebec ”, our distinguished partner with whom we share a long-term vision, we look forward to To work together in new investments that link the major international trade sites around the world.

On his part, Emmanuel Jaclot, Executive Vice President and Infrastructure Officer at La Case de Depot y Plasmann de Quebec (CDBQ), said: “Building on the success of the first collaboration with our strategic partner, DP World, a leading global company. In the sector of ports and marine container terminals, the enhanced platform will seek to invest in high-quality infrastructure assets for ports and container terminals that will help in developing future plans to support logistics services and smart trade. As we move to the next stage in our partnership, we will expand our geography and will look to seize opportunities. New in a sector driven by long-term fundamental trends, even in periods of unprecedented challenges. ”

Despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shifts in the global supply chain landscape, the port sector has demonstrated a good degree of flexibility in overcoming obstacles and challenges. Through strategic investments in digital technology and automation, DP World has recently strengthened its logistical capabilities along with marine services, a network of ports and global container terminals to provide a full range of smart and integrated supply chain solutions.

As such, DP World is well positioned to face the current challenges the sector is facing and to continue to provide innovative solutions to its clients around the world.



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