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In “Danat Al-Dunya”, joy turns into a way of life, in which creativity has a special taste. She is the one who is used to opening her heart before her borders to the stars and creative talents, so that Dubai is an incubator for them, their achievements and their ideas. On the other hand, a large number of stars exchanged Dana Al-Dunya with love, until it occupies a high position in them.

This is proven by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, who has always expressed his love for “Dana Al-Dunya”, and which honored him by granting him a golden visa that extends for a decade and is granted to talents and researchers in the fields of science and knowledge of doctors, specialists, scientists, inventors and creators, and includes the advantages of this Visa, wife and children, so that they are entitled to enter the country at any time, with 100 percent right to own property %.

Happiness and thanks

“The most beautiful gift”, this is how Ramadan described the “golden visa”, which he published on his account on “Instagram” and “Facebook”, accompanied by a comment in which he said: “Thank you His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai May God protect him, and thank the Dubai government for the most beautiful gift … the golden visa for the United Arab Emirates, may God protect it, and protect its rulers and its dear people .. Trust in God, success..

The happiness of Ramadan, whom his fans call “Number One”, in Dubai, was doubled, as it was not limited to obtaining a “golden residency”, but expanded after completing the filming of his new song “Oh My Love”, accompanied by international star Mitter James, and played sites Dubai has a starring role in it, as Ramadan and his colleague Sheikh Zayed Road chose the location for filming the clip, in which I also attended the Dubai desert, and one of its hotels, with all its elegance.

At the time when Ramadan began promoting his new song, he confirmed via Instagram that the clip, which Dubai hosted for two days, will soon be shown on all electronic and television platforms, thus dedicating Dubai as a photography destination, intended by all content and film makers, while Ramadan did not spare His fans published photos from the scenes of the clip, on his social media accounts.


The Dubai TV and Film Production Committee issued permits to shoot the clip “Ya Habibi”, which took place in less than 24 hours, to demonstrate the speed of achievement that Dubai enjoys and the quality of services provided to talents and creativity. In this regard, said Jamal Al Sharif, President Executive of Commercial Affairs at the Dubai Development Authority, Chairman of the Dubai Film and TV Production Committee, told Al-Bayan: “Dubai has always been distinguished by a vision for the future. Creators of content and films, who find in it what meets their different needs, which also applied to the filming of the music clip, which starred the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan and the international, Mitter James, who chose Dubai as a place to shoot their latest songs..

Fast approval

Al-Sharif indicated that the process of issuing filming permits took place within one day. He said: “The filming of the music clip took place on Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as in the desert, and also in a Dubai hotel, and the permit was issued in less than 24 hours, because we are aware of the importance of the time factor for any product,” indicating that the speed in completing approvals and issuing Filming permits is one of the advantages that Dubai has. He said, “We have teams in the Dubai Film and TV Production Committee ready to work quickly in order to facilitate any filming process that takes place within the borders of the Emirate of Dubai.” He continued: “Dubai’s infrastructure, talent, equipment, and studios equipped with the latest lighting and sound technologies is a special feature that has enabled it to be on the throne of destinations preferred by filmmakers and media content makers.”

Al-Sharif emphasized that Dubai used to open its borders to all creators and talents, which would enrich the local and Arab cultural and artistic arena. He said, “We are very pleased that artist Muhammad Ramadan and his colleague Mitter James have chosen Dubai as a place for filming, which indicates the place Dubai occupies in the hearts of stars worldwide.”



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