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A man accused of sexual harassment of a sports runner in Dubai claimed, before the court, that he “could not resist the temptation of her beautiful and graceful body.” According to the local Gulf News newspaper, the oldest defendant,

A man accused of sexual harassment alleged a sports hostility in Dubai, Before the court, that he “could not resist the temptation of her beautiful and graceful body”.

According to the local newspaper, Gulf News, the accused, a 40-year-old Indian, touched the woman inappropriately, while she was exercising near her place of residence in Bur Dubai, in June of this year.

A report was received by the Dubai police from the victim after ten o’clock at night, regarding her being harassed, so two policemen went to the place of the incident, where they found the victim crying.

A policeman said, “She was afraid, and she told us that while she was exercising, the accused approached her and told her she was beautiful, then he touched her chest and fled.”

The police were able to identify the harasser, and arrest him.

The policeman added, “The accused admitted the incident, justifying his behavior by saying that he loved the victim’s beautiful and graceful body, and kept apologizing for the incident, but we noticed that he was drunk.”

The Public Prosecution charged the defendant with sexual harassment and illegal alcohol use.

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