Dr. Kholoud and Farah Al-Hadi reconciled for the second time..What is the relationship of money laundering?


Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Hadi surprised her followers through social media, by publishing a picture accompanied by her fellow fascist Dr. Kholoud, in her official account on the “Snapchat” application, to announce the end of a march of differences between them for the second time.

And both of them had already announced reconciliation about two years ago after long conflicts between them, but it was clear that the reconciliation in the first time did not bear fruit, especially since they announced the news of reconciliation, no communication or exchange of congratulations or even any comment occurred between them.

But this time, both parties have published the photos that bring them together through their official accounts on the “Snapchat” application, in order to announce to their fans that the reconciliation between them has been completed.

A large number of their followers on “Social Media” expected that the reason for choosing this timing for reconciliation between them is the issue of “money laundering” that is being investigated, noting that they followed the same approach as Kuwaiti fascist Noha Nabil and the media, Halima Boland.

Reconciliation took place for the first time between Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Hadi and Al-Fashnissita Dr. Kholoud, two years ago after a long period of accusations and insults between the two parties, and reconciliation between them took place in the presence of the artist Buthaina Al-Raisi, who was keen to document this moment through her account on the “Snapchat” site ”, Where Farah and Kholoud appeared in the videos, talking to each other after their hearts aligned.

Artist Aqeel Al-Raeesi, Farah Al-Hadi’s husband, commented on Al-Solh, saying: “This is the reality of Photoshop’s growth and not the installation of what you see,” so Dr. Kholoud and Farah Al-Hadi stood up and embraced each other.

The sharp disagreements between Farah Al-Hadi and the fascist Kholoud began after the first woman suffered a miscarriage and did not complete her first pregnancy with the artist Aqil Al-Raisi. What prompted some, including the media, Mai Al-Aidan, to accuse Kholoud of being the reason for what happened to Farah because of the skirmishes that were taking place between them at the time on Social Media about the amount of advertisements that each of them got on their pages and the intense competition between them to attract more advertisers.

The emergence of the Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Hadi and her fellow fascist Dr. Kholoud in the same dress at the same time recently caused the media to ignite, as some considered that the matter was arranged by one of them, probably to embarrass the other and attract the lights from it, and it is not a spontaneous matter that happens a lot among the stars.


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