“Double infection” … the risk of catching the flu and corona together


The chief medical officer in England revealed a new surprise, which is that having the flu during infection with the emerging coronavirus greatly raises the risk of death from the virus, according to Sky News.

The current evidence for the risk of “double infection” with corona and influenza and the seriousness of the matter to health is not complete because the studies relied on small samples, but the chief medical officer in England confirmed that the matter is very real.

Where the chief medical officer in England Professor Jonathan Van Tam said that 43 percent of people with “double infection” died, compared to only 26.9 percent of those who tested positive for the Corona virus only.

So and that these were people who were transferred to the hospital and were tested for both viruses, as well as they were in an advanced state of disease, but the death rate from infection with Corona virus alone without influenza in a study between January and April was at a rate of 25 percent, which is much lower than those who had “infection.” Dual”.

The chief medical officer believes that the relative difference in the size of these rates is more important than the exact figures.

So that the study may be small and more studies will be conducted this season, but the results are consistent with medical conclusions indicating their validity.

On the other hand, Professor Yvonne Doyle, Medical Director of Public Health in England, said that influenza

Other respiratory viruses will spread this winter and influenza kills between 4,000 and 22,000 people every year.

And she added that the last thing she really wanted is to catch the winter flu, and she warned those who think they have the flu or Covid-19 to stay at home and isolate themselves, this is to protect themselves and also to protect others.

And if someone suspects that they are infected with both viruses, you are facing a real problem, and people with a weak immune system are likely to develop double infection.

It is reported that the British government has purchased 30 million doses of influenza vaccine, which is more than ever before, according to the “Guardian”.

It is noteworthy that the new Corona appeared in late December 2019 in the Chinese city of “Wuhan” in a market for selling wild animals, then spread rapidly with a massive movement of citizens to spend the Lunar New Year holiday last January.


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